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All continuous fence comes in 20’ lengths made out of 1 ¼” 14-gauge tubing. Continuous fence is also made with individually saddled uprights. 1” crimped inserts are used for connections. This leaves a smooth finish on both sides eliminating sharp edges and stick-out from bars. With 5 and 6 bar being our best sellers, we offer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 bar continuous fence. All 1” connectors are included with the panel. Custom connectors are also available with 45 degrees and 90 degrees being the most common. The clips for mounting are 1” flat iron formed around 1 ¼” tubing with a 3/8” hole punched in each end. They can be easily welded to steel or screwed into wood. A limited number of clips are included with each panel. Additional clips are available for purchase.

Lengths: 20′ | 1 ¼” 14-gauge tubing

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